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Q&A with Leland P. Gamson

Q&A with Leland P. Gamson

Faith-Based Children's Book Indie Author

In [Bookends] episode #13, we meet illustrated children’s book author Leland P. Gamson.


(00:23): The Inspiring Storytelling Journey of Leland P. Gamson

(01:15): Unleashing the Power of Storytelling: Sharing Tales that Inspire

(01:19): "The Joys of Writing and the Love for Reading"

(01:27): Exploring the World of Children's Literature and Faith

(01:39): Unleashing Creativity: Exploring Different Genre Preferences

(01:41): "Nurturing Young Minds: Wholesome and Biblical Children's Stories"

(01:59): "Author's Corner: Exploring an Author's Impressive Collection of Books"

(02:01): "The Growing List of Achievements: 16 and Counting"

(02:03): "Discover the Author's Latest Book!"

(02:06): "The Courageous Keeper: Toby's Risky Rescue"

(02:24): The Author's Message: Empowering Readers with Life Lessons

(02:32): "Exploring the Range of Children's Books: From Rhymes and Activities to Christian Growth"

(02:44): "The Challenge of Rewriting and Formatting"

(02:46): "Exploring Inspiring Words: Unveiling Favorite Quotes"

(02:49): "Divine Renewal: Embracing God's Promise of Making Everything New"

(02:58): "Upcoming Projects and Plans: A Glimpse into the Future"

(02:59): "Creative Endeavors: Crafting Children's Books and Activities for Fairmount Wesleyan Camp"

(03:14): "Around the World in Pages: The Ultimate Book Signing Destination"

(03:18): The Significance of Jerusalem

(03:19): "Adventures in Book Promotion: Unveiling the Most Exciting and Unusual Locations!"

(03:22): Unveiling the Vibrant World of Authors: Prescot, Arizona Author's Fair

(03:24): "Publishing Insider Secrets: One Crucial Lesson Authors Should Learn Before Releasing Their Books"

(03:28): "The Importance of Time and Dedication in Marketing Success"

(03:31): "Unleashing Your Inner Author: Essential Advice for Aspiring Writers"

(03:33): "Unleashing the Power of Inspiring Literature: Fueling Your Mind with Good Reads"

(03:35): The Joys of Being an Author: A Personal Perspective

(03:38): Preserving Legacies: The Timeless Power of Books

(03:41): "The Key to Selling More Books: Successful Strategies From Top Authors"

(03:44): Maximizing Your Book's Exposure: Promotions on KDP and Radio Interviews

(03:46): "Discovering Our Digital Footprint: Tracing Your Online Presence"

(03:48): Expanding the Reach: Sharing Books through Online Platforms

(03:54): "Exploring the World of Wholesome and Faith-Based Children's Books: A Conversation with Leland Gamson"

(04:10): "Calling All Poets: Join the PSI 45th Annual Poetry Contest and Showcase Your Brilliance!"

(04:42): "Upcoming Writer Events, Book Launches, and More!"


Welcome to Bookends, a podcast about the books, chapters, and pages of our lives and the writers behind the stories we love. Today we will get to know children’s book author Leland Gamson. If you want to get in on the fun by doing an author interview, answer the questions you can find at writerkat dot com. Now, on with the show!

Welcome back, bookworms! 

I'm your host WriterKat. I am doing a Q&A with children’s book author Leland P. Gamson. Leland has lived in Marion, Indiana, most of his life. He has been writing illustrated children's books since retiring from the VA and US Army. 

Leland’s book, “MY TAMIM: THE PASSOVER LAMB” won the Children’s Book of the Year award from Glorybound Publishing in 2022, and his book, “THE PONY WHO WANTED TO BE A UNICORN” won a Purple Dragonfly award from Story Monster Magazine this year, 2023.

Leland has written for the Wesleyan Church Sunday School curriculum. He is a Methodist Certified Lay Minister and teaches adult Sunday School. He also volunteers as a hospital chaplain. Leland is a regular at the local Y and enjoys traveling with his wife, Bonnie, and playing with their pooch.

Welcome to Bookends, Leland. What inspires you to write? 

Stories just keep coming to me, and I write them down to share with others.

That’s a good reason to write! We writers often feel like a scribe, writing down what comes to us. 

What is your favorite genre to read? 

I enjoy reading children’s literature, especially George MacDonald and Dr. Suess, classical children’s stories, Christian apologetics, poetry, and of course, the Bible. 

What is your favorite genre to write?

Children’s stories that rhyme and are wholesome and fun and children’s stories with an overtly Biblical worldview. I also write devotionals for adults and Christian lyrics to famous old melodies, poetry, and children’s activity books.

How many books have your written? 

16 so far, with many more on the way.

What is the most recent book you have published? 

TOBY THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER. Toby runs a lighthouse with his dog and cat companions. He likes his hard job because he knows that he is placed there by God. When Toby sees a fishing boat breaking up during a storm, will he stay in his lighthouse or attempt a risky rescue?

That sounds like a fun and adventurous book to read. I may have to buy that one for my husband. He loves lighthouses! 

What do you hope readers will take away from your books? 

For the rhyming fun books, a smile. For the activity books, a fun challenge and keepsake. For the overtly Christian books, growth in Christ from an engaging story.

What is the most challenging part of writing?

Rewritings and formatting.

What is your favorite quote?

“The One sitting on the throne said, ‘I am making everything new’” (Revelations 21:5, God’s Word Translation).

What are you working on next?

Right now, I am working on a children’s activity book for Fairmount Wesleyan Camp and four other children’s books. PUPPY SCHOOL and I AM NOT A BAD DOG are being formatted.

If you could do a book signing anywhere in the world, where would it be?


Where is the most exciting or unusual place you promoted your books?

Prescot, Arizona Author’s Fair.

What is one thing you wish you had known before publishing your books?

Marketing takes so much time and dedication!

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Read good inspiring literature.

What is one thing you love about being an author?

I love that my books will last and my stories will not die with me.

What has helped you sell the most books?

Promotions on KDP and radio interviews.

Where can we find you?

My website is I read my books on my website, YouTube, and Magic Blox.

Thank you for sharing your writing journey with us, Leland Gamson. And thank you, listeners, for tuning in. If you are in the market for wholesome, faith-based illustrated children’s books, check out Leland P. Gamson's books! 

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Alright, bookworms, that’s it for today. Visit for links to all my writerly projects and social media. Until next time, keep reading, keep writing, and remember; every story has the power to change lives!

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That's a wrap for this episode of the Bookends Podcast. Thank you for listening! We hope you enjoyed getting to know Leland P. Gamson. Please subscribe so you don't miss any future episodes. We'll be back soon with more great conversations about books and authors. In the meantime, we hope you continue to enjoy those special moments between the bookends of your life.

Until next time, happy reading!

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